August 30, 2013

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I have always had a love affair with sports fans everywhere. I love interacting with them at The Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch. I enjoy talking about the world of sports on Twitter and Facebook.

Now I am truly honored to be receiving an award from

The fans have meant so much to me throughout my career. I am thrilled to be a big sports fan myself. They are calling me a sports icon, but I am simply a person who loves competition. I will be at the Temple-Notre Dame football game this week, at the Rays baseball next week, some NFL down the line, and before you know it, college hoops will be back, baby!

Sports are awesome with a capital A! Fans have been so good to me over the years.

Aug. 26, 2013

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It was celebration time for SMU hoops with a big recruiting win.  Who would ever believe the Mustangs would beat Kentucky in recruiting?  Congratulations to Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown for the commitment from Emmanuel Mudiay, one of the top point guards in America.  Mundiay announced his decision over the weekend and Mustang hoop fans had something to be proud of.  Kansas, Oklahoma State and Baylor were also in the running for Mudiay.  SMU is part of the new American Athletic Conference.  You know Brown wants to make a big splash and this is a major verbal commitment.  Brown would like to have more to come.

Aug. 22, 2013

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Sometimes, common sense has to prevail in the NCAA’s decision making process.  There are times that schools and individual athletes are not trying to circumvent the rules, yet they are made out to be the bad guy when that is truly not the case.  After serving our country for five years in the Marines, freshman Steven Rhodes was attempting to become eligible to play football at Middle Tennessee State.  Originally, the NCAA ruled Rhodes ineligible, citing the fact that he played in a recreational league during his military service.  After an outpouring of outrage by sports media members and the public, the NCAA reversed its decision and granted Rhodes a full four years of eligibility.  That is using common sense, my friends.  Finally justice was done when the NCAA reinstated him.  Then there is the case of Donte Hill of Old Dominion.  The NCAA ruled he is not eligible for the upcoming season because he participated in a closed scrimmage while with Clemson almost three years ago.  He would have been the lone senior on the Monarchs roster this season and his absence is a blow to coach Jeff Jones.  The bottom line is, a just ruling would have been to suspend him for a few games this season and then render him eligible.  Being part of a scrimmage before transferring should not lead to such a harsh punishment.  It is all about common sense.  I hope the NCAA revisits that decision.  It is truly unfair, and hurting a young man who deserved better.  Kerwin Okoro of Rutgers should be granted eligibility to play at Rutgers immediately.  Okoro’s case, involving the loss of his brother and father, has been well documented – he clearly has a sympathetic reason to be granted a waiver.  It is not easy making rulings over eligibility.  I give the NCAA credit for the way it went back and made the Rhodes situation right.

Aug. 20, 2013

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College football kicks off next week and it should be excitement galore.  This is going to be a season dominated by quarterbacks.  Think about how many quality players there are at the position.  I really love the leadership of Alabama’s AJ McCarron.  He has that winning experience, leading the Tide to the national championship last season.  Ohio State has a great performer in Braxton Miller.  He can run and pass and the Buckeyes were unbeaten last season.  Urban Meyer may have the Heisman frontrunner according to many experts.  Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M won the Heisman last season and the Aggies are in the preseason top 10.  His status is up in the air following allegations of being paid to sign autographs, a no-no according to the NCAA.  Also keep an eye on Tajh Boyd of Clemson and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota as stars who should put up big numbers.

August 15, 2013

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It was an honor to share the microphone for the breakfast this morning to kick off the US Masters Rowing Championship at Nathan Benderson Park.  The Benderson family has done wonders for our area, building a world class rowing venue.  The venue is so special it will attract major events and right now there is a great chance that the 2017 World Rowing Championships will come here to our area.  The economic impact to our area will be astronomical.  The Benderson family should be commended and the Governor made that very clear in his remarks this morning.  It was thru the vision of the Benderson’s, that this venue became a reality.  One of the key people throughout this process is VP Paul Blackletter.  He has done a phenomenal job in uniting everyone in building the best venue in the world.  This is one special place and I was absolutely honored to talk about Randy Benderson and his family and their vision.  They never believed in “can’t” and share so many of my beliefs and values.

August 8, 2013

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Major League Baseball made its decision and 12 players received 50 game suspensions. There were several prominent names, including Nelson Cruz of Texas and Jhonny Peralta of Detroit. The Tigers were smart enough to acquire Jose Iglesias from Boston to fill the void of Peralta’s absence.

The one player suspended longer was Alex Rodriguez, who was given 211 games on the sidelines pending his appeal.

My friends, baseball is trying to clean up the sport. I am so sick and tired of these stories.

As for A. Rod., I have not heard him say that he did not take PEDs. He has fought the allegations because he is trying to salvage his contract over the long run.

Give me a break. To those that say A. Rod. is innocent until the process plays out, I counter with this. If he was innocent, he would scream that he did not do PEDs.

The whole situation is disappointing.

Aug. 1, 2013

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It is always an exciting time for my wife and I to be with all the youngsters from the Boys and and Girls Clubs.  Today was our Dick Vitale Scholarship Day and Awards event and it really thrills me to see youngsters chasing their dreams and their goals.  I told them to never, ever believe in the word “CAN’T” and to always make good decision and choices in pursuing their goals.  My wife and I presented a total of $5,000 in college scholarships— $1,000 each to five outstanding Club members bound for college. As long-time supporters of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, we have donated a total of $80,000 for scholarships in the last 16 years.