October 28th, 2011

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The fall classic has been completed. Yes , the St. Louis Cardinals stand tall as World Champs. What an unbelievable story. They were 10 1/2 games back at the beginning of September and battled all the way back to win the wildcard. Then they enter the playoffs and many people thought it would be over and out, especially dealing with the Phillies and ultimately the Milwaukee Brewers. And then in the World Championship beating Texas. Oh man, think about it – drama. Game 6 was as good as it gets. Maybe the best I have ever, ever seen in World Series competition. Two strikes, two outs – twice in the late innings were Texas could have put the game away. David Freese became an icon in the city of St Louis. A genuine hero. A local kid, who played high school baseball in St Louis, delivers a big triple to tie the game and then hits the walk off homer to win the game.

Then in Game 7, you knew that momentum was all on the side of St. Louis having their ace Chris Carpenter on the mound. But they responded like champions do. Tony LaRusso, a sure fire Hall of Famer, wins his third world title. And this is one he will always cherish and treasure. The comeback kids – guts, heart and tenacious stand tall as world champs. Congrats also to Texas for having a great season. It was heartbreak hotel but this team will be back again battling as the nucleus returning is sensational. But this moment belongs to St. Louis. A great city for baseball. A place where they love their Cardinals and oh do they have a little more to love about St. Louis baseball. Yes my friends, a special, special World Series banner will fly high in St. Louis.

October 21st & 22nd, 2011

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What a beautiful weekend in South Bend we had for the Notre Dame/USC game. The first ever night game at Notre Dame between these two schools. The campus was electric all weekend in anticipation of the showdown. I was thrilled to be asked by Coach Mike Brey to talk to the basketball team and address the crowd at the kickoff to their basketball practice on Friday night. Also had the chance to meet up with Digger Phelps for dinner Friday night at Parisi’s Restaurant.

The Irish made some key turnovers that led to the Trojan victory. But my family and I had a wonderful weekend enjoying all he festivities!

October 19th, 2011

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I had a great time with my wife at the Dolly Parton concert in Sarasota on Sunday night. She is a great entertainer and puts on a great show.  We are looking forward to her new movie with Queen Latifah in January.

October 13th, 2011

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There may be a lockout in the NBA, baby, but it will be HAPPENING in college hoops as the teams take the courts starting tomorrow. Yes, practice begins! Midnight Madness baby! Check out ESPN U where I gave updates on my favorite players, who will be the impact players, who will be the diaper dandies making an impact this year and also the teams, quality galore! Players are coming back like Harrison Barnes, John Henson, and Tyler Zeller in North Carolina and Perry Jones III at Baylor. Great Freshman coming into Kentucky but also Terrance Jones really adding to the quality play we will see this year. Cant wait baby, 11/11/11 is the Opening Game for the college hoops season! Michigan State will take on N Carolina with honorary captains Magic Johnson and and Jammin James Worthy. Hoops Hysteria is here and its going to be Awesome with a capital A!

October 9th, 2011

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After Notre Dame, my wife and I traveled to Sioux City, IA where I was the guest speaker for the Bishop Catholic Foundation.  What a terrific group of people I had the opportunity to meet and share time with.  I can’t thank everyone involved with the event enough for making my wife and I feel so welcome.

October 8th, 2011

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My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful day in South Bend, IN for the Notre Dame/Air Force game.  The campus was electric and it was a gorgeous fall day for football!  The Irish looked strong in their win over Air Force.  Lets see if they can keep the positive momentum going, as they have won their last 4 games….

October 7th, 2011 Part 2

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I had a terrific time speaking in Indianapolis for Do It Best Corp.  I can’t thank Tim Miller, VP of Marketing and Bob Taylor, CEO for Do It Best Corp. for their support and hospitality during my visit with their group.  I enjoyed meeting and spending time with all the wonderful people at this event.  It was first class!!!

October 7th, 2011

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I had breakfast this morning at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch with a very important guy in the world of college basketball, John Adams who heads the NCAA referees. He is the head honcho and is in charge to make sure officiating is always at the highest level. What a terrific hire John has been. He is open with the media, he is a terrific communicator and he shares his ideas. I had such an interesting breakfast listening to John speak about some of the rules that will be enforced this year. We talked a little about the charge rule. We also talked about the new rule that will be adopted this year. That rule is one in which a three foot arc from the middle of the basket will be drawn and if the secondary defender is in that arc it will be a block on the defensive player as opposed to a charge on the offensive player. I personally think it is a good rule and will help eliminate situations where players are denied opportunities of scoring because of a defensive player in that area.

I also had the chance to do a promo this morning for Lexington, Kentucky about the Big Blue All Stars taking on the Villains. This is a game featuring Kentucky great players who are now in the NBA such as John Wall, Brandin Knight, Chuck Hayes, Tayshaun Prince, Rajon Rondo and a host of others. The Kentucky All Stars will be coached by former super star and All-American, Rex Chapman. The Villains will be coached by the biggest villain ever to hit Kentucky – Christian Laettner. The Big Blue Nation all remember Laettner’s big shot to deny Kentucky the chance to go to the Final Four. Playing for the Villains will be Tyler Hansborough, Nolan Smith, Terrance Williams, Rudy Gay, Sheldin Mac and many others. It is sure to be a super night of fun!