Community Activities

DICK VITALEI was thrilled to welcome the Baltimore Orioles to Sarasota for spring training with a party at my home.  My wife and I opened our home to the Orioles executives, coaches, players, and leading members of the community to officially welcome the Orioles to our area. Spring training is a great part of living in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and we are proud to have the Orioles train right here in our backyard.  Coach Trembley and players such as Jeremy Guthrie, Garrett Atkins, Ty Wiggington, Adam Jones and Luke Scott all had a terrific time.  A great way to kick off the start of baseball season! 

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Quote of the Week

“A salute to Mike Vrabel of the Titans as his team dominated the Patriots. Vrabel, a pupil of Bill Belichick, put the hurt on his mentor.”

 -Dick Vitale