1. Duke

2. Michigan State

3. Arizona

4. Kentucky

5. Kansas

6. Villanova

7. North Carolina

8. Wichita State

9. Florida

10. Louisville

11. Xavier

12. Minnesota

13. Notre Dame

14. USC

15. Purdue

16. Texas A&M

17. Gonzaga

18. Seton Hall

19. Cincinnati

20. Miami

21. Northwestern

22. Michigan

23. Missouri

24. Maryland

25. West Virginia


Week of November 13th, 2017 


Each week I'll write about the world of sports:

*Miami was quicker all night all over the field against Notre Dame. 

*One of the most impressive hoop wins  was Texas A&M without star Robert Williams,  over West Virginia.

*Auburn's defense did a great job in a win over Georgia. 

*Indiana  fans that have been in hoops hysteria with hiring of Archie Miller got a touch of reality. Indiana State beat the Hoosiers badly.

*Drew Brees and the Saints sent a message loud and clear after beating Buffalo. 

*The Giants hit rock bottom, losing to the Niners.

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Week of November 13th, 2017



Miami blew out Notre Dame.

Auburn beat up Georgia.

Ohio State dominated against Michigan State.

Texas AM beat West Virginia in hoops.

Clemson knocked off Florida State.

Alabama escaped at Mississippi State. 

St. Mary's gave Randy Bennett a new 10-year deal.

Bob Huggins got a contract extension.

The NY Rangers won six straight games.

The US won the Fed Cup.

Golden State won six in a row.

The Celtics were on fire with 12 straight wins.

The Saints blew out the Bills.



Seattle's Richard Sherman was lost for the season (ruptured Achilles).

The Colts cut Vontae Davis.

The Packers cut Martellus Bennett.

Indiana was blown out by Indiana State.

Oklahoma State held out guard Jeffrey Carroll.

UCLA had three hoop players arrested in China for shoplifting.

Indiana was blown out by Indiana State.

Butch Jones was fired by Tennessee.

The Arizona Coyotes have just two wins this season.

The LA Clippers have lost five straight.

The Giants lost to the Niners.

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Quote of the Week

"It is super to be a 'Canes fans a la A Rod. and J. Lo after Miami beat Notre Dame."

  -Dick Vitale