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Week of November 19th, 2018

Each week I'll write about the world of sports:

*Do fans ever think about all of the positives Eli Manning and Carmelo Anthony have achieved in their careers? All I hear is negatives. Give me a break. We should all be that successful as they have been.

*Furman has had a special start, beating two of last year’s Final Four teams—Loyola and Villanova. 

*Yes the right decision was made ⁦⁦a Blake Snell won the AL Cy Young while Jacob DeGrom won in the NL. They were both deserving of this special honor. Their numbers do not lie.

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*Memories of classic Big East matchup whenever I see Syracuse and UConn meet. They faced off at Madison Square Garden last week.

 *I’m amazed by the waiver decisions that were  made by the NCAA. There was zero logic. One player has a story and it is accepted, but yet a kid like Marcus Carr with legit reason is denied chance to play at Minnesota. Carr originally went to Pitt to play for Kevin Stallings and the coach got fired. The NCAA denied Carr's appeal.

*Wonder why the NFL is great? Just look back at the way the Broncos and Raiders kicked game-winning field goals to end their games.

*A young Arkansas team got a big victory over Indiana. Mike Anderson had to be proud.

Quote of the Week

“Michigan hoops is heading for a big season as this team plays superb defense.”

 -Dick Vitale