I had breakfast this morning at the Broken Egg in Lakewood Ranch with a very important guy in the world of college basketball, John Adams who heads the NCAA referees.  He is the head huncho and is in charge to make sure officiating is always at the highest level.  What a terrific hire John has been.  He is open with the media, he is a terrific communicator and he shares his ideas.  I had such an interesting breakfast listeining to John speak about some of the rules that will be enforced this year.  We talked a little about the charge rule. We also talked about the new rule that will be adopted this year. That rule is one in which a three foot arc from the middle of the basket will be drawn and if the secondary defender is in that arc it will be a block on the defensive player as opposed to a charge on the offensive player.  I personally think it is a good rule and will help eliminate situations where players are denied opportunities of scoring because of a defensive player in that area.


I also had the chance to do a promo this morning for Lexington, Kentucky about the Big Blue All Stars taking on the Villains.  This is a game featuring Kentucky great players who are now in the NBA such as John Wall, Brandin Knight, Chuck Hayes, Tayshaun Prince, Rajon Rondo and a host of others.  The Kentucky All Stars will be coached by former super star and All-American, Rex Chapman.  The Villains will be caoched by the biggest villan ever to hit Kentucky - Christian Laettner.  The Big Blue Nation all remember Laettner's big shot to deny Kentucky the chance to go to the Final Four.  Playing for the Villains will be Tyler Hansborough, Nolan Smith, Terrance Williams, Rudy Gay, Sheldin Mac and many others.   It is sure to be a super night of fun!


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