Leave it to Dickie V to create his own language… Vitale-isms! For those who are unfamiliar with Dickie V’s trademark lingo, we have provided a glossary of Vitale-isms and their English translations! Like ... Diaper Dandy: sensational freshman, and Space Eater: big guy.


  • All-mystique: inconsistent
  • Blender: an unselfish player
  • Bringing a W: getting a win
  • Cream Puff Delight: coach who plays an easy schedule
  • December: ZZZZ time because teams have been loading up on patsies
  • Diaper Dandy: sensational freshman
  • Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo: flashy slam dunk
  • Dishes the Rock: passes the ball
  • Doughnut Offense: team without a center
  • Dow Joneser: up-and-down, inconsistent player
  • Drillin' Reggies When They Need Pete Roses: taking long shots when they need short shots
  • High Riser: good leaper (see Skywalker)
  • Human Space Ship: big player
  • Isolation Man: great one-on-one player
  • Key or Engine: the player who leads the team
  • Knee-Knocker: close game
  • M&Mer: a mismatch
  • MIAer: player who disappears
  • Mr. Pac Man: eats you alive on defense
  • N.C.: no contest
  • Perimeter J: a jump shot
  • P.T.: playing time
  • P.T.P.: a prime-time player
  • Prime Time: good basketball, what people pay to see
  • Q.T.: quality time
  • Shoots the Area-Code J: shoots from long distance
  • Skywalker: good leaper (see High Riser)
  • Slam, Bam, Jam: an impressive slam dunk
  • Space Eater: big guy
  • Strawberry Shortcake: NCAA tournament time, when the underachievers get their just desserts
  • Surf and Turfer: superstar
  • 3-D Man: he drives, he draws, he dishes
  • Times Square: playing slow-tempo
  • Trifecta: three-point basket Indianapolis
  • Raceway: up-tempo
  • Wilson Sandwich: what you get when your shot is rejected in your face
  • Xs and Os: used to explain strategy

Dick Vitale's Teams

  • All-Alcatraz Team: players expected to have breakout seasons
  • All-Airport Team: players who look good in airports but get no playing time
  • All-AT&T Team: long-distance bombers
  • All-Avis Team: players who try harder
  • All-Diaper Dandies Team: top freshman players
  • All-Frank Lloyd Wright Team: coaches who are master architects building a program
  • All-Innovative Team: great point guards
  • All-Marco Polo Team: best transfer players
  • All-Michelangelo Team: coaches who are brilliant artists at work
  • All-Overrated Team: players who have been built up as stars but don't deliver
  • All-Potential Team: players who need to start living up to the billing they received in high school
  • All-Rip Van Winkle Team: players who are sleepers
  • All-Rolls Royce Team: superstars at their positions
  • All-Solid Gold Preseason Team: the five best players by position
  • All-SportsCenter Team: coaches who need PR
  • All-Used Car Salesman Team: coaches who are good salesman
  • All-Volkswagen Team: players who aren't superstars but are dependable
  • All-Wacko Team: coaches who display unorthodox methods and styles
  • All-Windex Team: players who clean the glass (i.e., great rebounders)
  • All-World B. Free Team: players with the best names

Quote of the Week

“Rutgers had no choice but to close the deal for Greg Schiano. He’s the right choice to bring the Scarlet Knights from the depths of despair."

 -Dick Vitale