Community Activities

altI had the pleasure of watching my grandsons, Jake and Connor, participate in the Tampa Bay Rays baseball camp. The Rays are the only major league team that allows its campers to utilize its major league field and all its facilities (batting cages, etc.).

Jake and Connor had such a thrill playing on the big league field - catching fly balls in the same outfield as BJ Upton and Carl Crawford.

The camp was a week long and ran from 9 am -12 pm. The coaches were outstanding and taught the kids all the basic fundamentals of the game.

altBrian Killingsworth and Pete Mayta in the Rays Marketing Department do a tremendous job and the camp was truly first class.

They brought in Grant Balfour, pitcher for the Rays, to talk to the kids and sign autographs, as well as former great, Fred McGriff. On the last day of camp, they asked me to share some words with all the campers about making good choices and the importance of hard work.

It was a fantastic week for all the campers and for myself. GO RAYS!

Quote of the Week

“Caitlin Clark of Iowa is a special player with great shooting range."
-Dick Vitale