Community Activities

altMy good friend and longtime NBA referee, Bob Delaney, visited our troops this summer in Iraq.  During Bob's meeting at the Al Faw Palace in Baghdad (Saddam's former palace and now headquarters for US Forces Iraq), Bob presented a ball I autographed to General Odierno.  The personal inscription on the ball read, "General O - You are AWESOME BABY!"  Like my good friend Bob, General Odierno and I are fellow Jersey boys!!!  I can't thank him and ALL our troops overseas for what they do on a daily basis for us.  I am so thankful to be an American and to have such brave and wonderful people fighting everyday for our freedom and protection.  


I know Bob had a wonderful trip visiting our troops in Iraq.  He has shared so many of his stories from his visit with me and I am thankful he was able to provide a small token of my appreciation to General Odierno. 



Quote of the Week

“Caitlin Clark of Iowa is a special player with great shooting range."
-Dick Vitale