Community Activities

altI had a blast this past Friday, August 10th as I was in the studio with a great team of people to produce and record my latest motivational DVDs which will be ready to purchase on my website in September 2007.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak to so many great people from elementary school age youngsters to college students to world-class athletes to corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies.  I have had the honor of working with the Washington Speakers Bureau who has booked me to speak to groups all across America.  In doing so, I have received hundreds of requests from fans asking me to produce a DVD in which they could bring my message right into their home, school, office, etc.  Well, we finally did it and I am so excited about it!  We have started with three different DVDs each on a specific topic that I feel passionate about…they are:

alt1) Winning in the Game of Life

2) The Formula for Success.

    Passion + Work Ethic + Good Decision Making = W (Win) in the Game of Life

3) Never, Ever, Believe in the Word “CAN’T”

The DVDs will be for sale both individually or as a package of all three for a great value on my website!

These are messages that I have shared with top athletes to top executives and whether you are an educator, coach or business person… you can relate to the message in these DVDs and can make it work for you in achieving your dreams.

We produced the DVDs in a studio in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida at Sound Stage One / New Atmosphere Productions and we had a great time.  I had the pleasure of working some of the most professional folks in the business.  They included a great guy, John Klein with JK Productions.  John is a true professional and has helped me numerous times with all the tapings we do from Sarasota and my home.  Also on our great team were Steve Paturaquian, Mark Palmer of Mars Vision and a talented graphic designer, Nick Kavoules, who helped with the set design.

Also, there helping us that day was Linny Correa with Colours by Linny who assisted with makeup.  Anther great guy and rising talent in the world of broadcasting was Antawan Smith of SNN.  Antawan offered his talent to do all of the openings to introduce me in each of the three DVDs.  I am very blessed to have so many talented people working with me to develop these exciting DVDs.  I hope you like them as much as I do!  Remember, check back on my site in September 2007 to check them out!

Quote of the Week

“John Calipari is like a CEO of a major corporation and is a money machine for BBN. He earns everyone of those dollars he is receiving.”

-Dick Vitale