Community Activities

I had a great time on August 20th as my wife, Lorraine, and I had a special evening of dinner and a movie in our home with the members, coaches and administrators of the 2007-08 Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team from Out-of-Door Academy (ODA) here in Sarasota, Florida.   

The dinner was the result of the players’ parents’ generosity by being the high bidder on the “Dinner and a Movie with Dick Vitale” at the school’s 2006 Extravaganza fundraiser event which raised over $430,000 for the school. The girls were a lot of fun and seemed very excited about having a great season this year.  After the team enjoyed the great food prepared by Gordon Lippe of Gordon’s Gourmet, I invited them up to our movie theatre and shared with them some of my insights on what it takes to be successful both on and off the court.   

I always cherish the opportunity to connect with young student-athletes and share some of what I believe are the secrets to succeeding in the game of life.  They were a great audience and a great group of young ladies.  I wish them much success in their season this year.  After I spoke, we watched an incredibly inspiring movie in our home theatre. It was the great sports movie “MIRACLE” that tells the triumphant ride of the 1980 U.S.A. Olympic Hockey team. I felt that the night was a great way to launch the team into the season with a great attitude and great spirit and I thank their parents, coaches and administrators for making it all possible.

2007-08 The Out-of-Door Academy Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team

Paige Reeves - Senior

Liza Kane-Hartnett - Senior/Captain

Olivia Bowers - Senior/Captain

Kim Goldberg - Senior

Erika Ramos - Senior

Christine LaFrance - Junior

Colleen McGrath - Sophmore

Jonna Marchese - Sophmore

Hillary Hawkins - Sophmore

Alana Rogers - Sophmore

Head Coach - Jeff Horr

Assistant Coach - Mike Young

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Quote of the Week

“The Patriots are going to the AFC Championship game for he eighth straight year. What an incredible feat.”

-Dick Vitale