Community Activities

altOn Tuesday, September 18th I had a terrific opportunity to speak at the Horizons Academy (Grades 4-12) in Manatee County Florida.  Horizons Academy is an alternative school for some of our area’s youngsters who have had a troubled past.

Horizons Academy offers these kids an opportunity to improve upon their situation and their lives and begin a fresh start for their future.  I spoke to the group as requested by Deputy Harris in the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. I took my time with the group to talk about the importance of making good decisions in life in order to lead a successful, productive and happy life.

All the youngsters got a thrill when I threw out some autogrpahed balls and bobbelehead dolls after I was done speaking. Meeting all the wonderful people at Horizons was a lot of fun and I hope I was able to bring a smile and some positive thoughts to these young kids.


Quote of the Week

“The Patriots are going to the AFC Championship game for he eighth straight year. What an incredible feat.”

-Dick Vitale