This and That

Week of March 23, 2020


Each week I’ll write about the world of sports:

*The last few years as a Bucs season ticket holder, I could NOT GIVE MY TICKETS AWAY. I don?t think I will have a prob in the future with the GOAT, Tom Brady, under center. I am so, so, so HAPPY!

*I’m hoping some NFL team gives Jameis Winston a shot Yes, the 30 turnovers are a turnoff but what about 5200 yards and 33 TD passes.

*There were a number of players let go by teams. Todd Gurley of the Rams was the biggest name.

*Wow, some ugly stuff will be revealed when this documentary,  The SCHEME, airs! It will create another nightmare for several coaches. 

*I’ve stated often that college basketball needs a CZAR . They need a representative to work with the NCAA when problems occur, plus handle various situations that effect the sport.

*A couple idol hoop thoughts as I sit here, very bored. My #1 for next pre-season hoops will be Gonzaga. The Zags will be explosive as Mark Few has a lot of talent returning plus a star diaper dandy coming in. Juwan Howard has Michigan in good hands as he has a terrific recruiting class coming in.

Quote of the Week

“We need to take this Coronavirus seriously. Listen to the experts."

-Dick Vitale