This and That


Week of January 21st, 2019

Each week I'll write about the world of sports:

*The AFC and NFC Championship games both went to OT and were absolutely awesome with a capital A! Tom Brady is simply the greatest of all-time.

*College basketball is so wide open. Michigan fell from the unbeaten ranks. Kansas was upset by West Virginia. Tennessee just got by Alabama.

*This is winning in the game of life. The John⁩ Calipari Foundation provided relief for over 400 furloughed federal workers.

*Talk about having super success with transfer QB’s. Oklahoma will be called QB nation! Will former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts be the third consecutive ⁦Heisman winner!

*The NCAA waiver system is wacky, it is being totally abused as is the fifth-year graduate situation for transfers. I believe it is violating the original intent in many ways.

 *All the naysayers with their negative attitudes, say what you want about Tim Tebow’s dream of playing major league baseball. I have super respect for the effort he is making.

Quote of the Week

“What a great Super Bowl matchup."

-Dick Vitale