This and That

Week of November 18, 2019


Each week I’ll write about the world of sports:

*Prayers to Tua as he recovers from a major hip injury. He’s a tremendous competitor who hopefully will return stronger than ever.

*Major League Baseball must find some answers concerning the allegations that the ?Astroswere cheating. If proven true, they must punish Houston severely. The Integrity of the game is being questioned and that is not healthy for the game.

*Jameis Winston has already thrown 18 interceptions,  a career-high with plenty of action left in this season. These turnovers cut the heart out of the team!

*Based on PR and expectations, Florida hoops has been an early season disappointment. With time and hard work to excel, they can get the last laugh.

 *Southern Cal blew out Nevada to go 4-0. Yes, USC is another reason to state that the Pac-12 is going uptown this year.

Quote of the Week

 “Will Colin Kaepernick finally get signed by an NFL team?"

-Dick Vitale