I was thrilled to be the guest speaker for the Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation in Naples, Florida. Eleven terrific scholar-athletes were selected from various schools in Collier County for their outstanding achievements in the classroom and on the playing field.  It was truly a pleasure meeting these eleven youngsters.  There was over 600 people in attendance at the event and I was honored to replace Tim Tebow as the speaker, as he could not make it due to a commitment with the Broncos.  I spoke for this organization 21 years ago at their first event, so it was a lot of fun to come back years later and see how much the foundation has grown.  I can't thank Bud Hornbeck, who helped organize the event, enough.  It was a great evening!



Quote of the Week

"It is going to be an incredible race for the Wildcard berths in the majors."

-Dick Vitale