I had a great time in Las Vegas with my wife and my daughter, Terri, her husband and her two children.  We were visiting Las Vegas for the Kenny Chesney concert.  At the Dick Vitale gala in May, Kenny allowed us to auction off tickets to his show in Vegas and the opportunity for the winners to meet him backstage before the show and receive an autographed guitar.  Mike Conway and Debbie Benson each bid $30,000 for this incredible package.  We went to the show with Debbie Benson, her daughter, her son and her son's friend, along with Mike Conway and his wife.  As usual, Kenny rocked the house with all of his hits!  I can't thank him enough for spending quality time with the auction winners and providing each of them a signed guitar.  Kenny is an incredible performer, but more importantly, he is a very generous and caring person.  


Quote of the Week

“Antonio Brown is a multi-talented wide receiver who has to grow up as time is running out."

-Dick Vitale