Well it was electric at the Trop for Game 5 of the ALDS between the Rangers and Rays.  In the end, the Rays simply could not handle the masterful pitching of Cliff Lee.  Lee pitched a complete game and was untouchable.  I have never seen a pitcher with such command and poise.  He never gives up a walk and gets ahead in the count on almost every batter.  It was a terrific pitching performance.  The Rays had a wonderful season.  Hopefully they can retain Crawford and Pena but it is going to be tough to compete with the $$$ of the bigger market teams.  Playoff baseball is special and I am glad the Rays were a part of it!  I predict Phillies and Yankees in World Series match-up.


Quote of the Week

“We need to take this Coronavirus seriously. Listen to the experts."

-Dick Vitale