It was a fun afternoon shooting a marketing promotional video for ShootMore.  ShootMore is a device that can be attached to any backboard that allows shooters to get more repetition in a shorter amount of time because the balls are dropped through the hoop down a ramp that feeds it right back to the player.  No more chasing after balls after you shoot.  It also forces players to work on their arc and height on their shoot, as the device is well above the rim.  My twin grandsons, Connor and Jake, were able to be a part of the video as well.  They absolutely loved the ShootMore and couldn’t get enough of it.  We also had two local high school boys as part of the marketing video as well.  Doug Campbell with ShootMore organized the afternoon and I can’t thank him enough for all his efforts in making it a fun afternoon for everyone.  Look for the ShootMore promotional video on YouTube and



Quote of the Week

"Party big time in the Twin Cities. A tip of the hat to the Golden Gophers with a superb 31-26 W over Penn State. The Gophers are for real!”

-Dick Vitale