While I had some time off, I went to Ft. Myers to catch some of the City of Palms high school basketball tournament.  The tournament featured some of the best teams and players in the country.  I was excited to see #1 rated, Austin Rivers play.  Coach K and Duke Assistant Coach, Chris Collins, sat right in front of me to see Rivers play.  He is certainly going to be a star at the college level and will thrive under the leadership of Coach K and the Duke program.  The final game featured the #2 rated high school player, Michael Gilchrist from St. Patricks High School in NJ.  Gilchrist has committed to the University of Kentucky.  It was an incredible atmosphere for high school basketball.  In the crowd was ex-North Carolina great Charlie Scott.  He was one of my favorite college players!  College basketball has a lot to look forward to with Rivers and Gilchrist joining the action soon!


Quote of the Week

"Party big time in the Twin Cities. A tip of the hat to the Golden Gophers with a superb 31-26 W over Penn State. The Gophers are for real!”

-Dick Vitale