What a blast I had in Orlando for the ESPN the Weekend at Hollywood Studios.  My entire family joined me for this special, fun-filled weekend put on by Disney and ESPN.  It is a weekend of fun and games at the Hollywood Studios theme park with ESPN personalities and athletes.  This year, athletes such as Robert Horry, Scottie Pippen, Curt Schilling, Jim Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, CC Sabathia, Deangelo Williams, and Maurice Jones-Drew were all there in attendance.  There are interactive games and ESPN shows being broadcast throughout the weekend.  I was the guest on the Stump the Schwab and Inside the Huddle with Mike Greenberg.  It is a super weekend and I am so thankful to be a part of such a winning combination of Disney and ESPN.  They are truly “Awesome Baby” with a capital, “A”!

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Quote of the Week

“We need to take this Coronavirus seriously. Listen to the experts."

-Dick Vitale