November 2009

What a great evening we had in Tampa! My wife and I along with good friends, Dick and Carol Angelotti, went to see Smokey Robinson's Tribute on Ice. The show featured top figure skaters dancing to all of Smokey's Motown classic hits. His music is simply Awesome Baby!

After the show we got the opportunity to go backstage and spend some time with Smokey. We were laughing and sharing stories about the good ole days in Detroit. We also talked a lot about former Piston Hall of Famer, Dave Bing, who is now the Mayor of Detroit.

The host of the show was former Olympic Gold Medalist, Peggy Fleming. Peggy and I share the same talent agent at IMG, and it was a pleasure getting to see her again. A great night was had by all!



Quote of the Week

"I may be 80 now, but I act like I'm 20!"

-Dick Vitale