September 2009

From Cincinnati my wife and I flew to South Bend, IN for the Notre Dame/Michigan State game. My daughter, Terri, my son-in-law, Chris Sforzo, and my two grandchildren, Sydney and Ryan, joined us for the weekend. 

It is always so special walking the campus and taking part in all the wonderful football weekend traditions. I ran into actor, Vince Vaughn, on campus. He is a huge Notre Dame fan and a big college hoops fan too! I also got to see my buddy and colleague, Digger Phelps, who lives in South Bend. 

The game on Saturday was full of drama, as Michigan State had a chance to tie or win the game in the last minute but their quarterback threw an interception. It was a terrific two days! 


Quote of the Week

"I may be 80 now, but I act like I'm 20!"

-Dick Vitale