Someone sent me this poster of yesteryear ! Wow memory time ! #awesomebaby
Trying to get a smile on my face in this time of crisis with COVID-19 /I go to photos for some special memories #awesomebaby
These were some fun times ! Name these guys ! So BORED going thru some pics that bring joy as I sit stir crazy at home #awesomebaby
The VBDI tells me this weekend would have brought joy to Spartan Fans / yes I believe they would have headed to the FINAL FOUR BABY ! @msumbb SPARTANS #awesomebaby
This could have been a magical weekend for the @kuhoops Would have been #awesomebaby Rock Chalk Jayhawk !
Wow, what a weekend in sports this could have been. Yes, it could have been magical! #awesomebaby
My motivational tip of the day ! #awesomebaby
My motivational tip of the day !#awesomebaby
This is a message for JOSH SPEIDEL an inspiration too many ! @universityofvermont basketball ! Josh is #awesomebaby

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